BODYEND Rustic Chandelier 2 Custom Rustic Furniture by Don McAulay :

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Rustic Chandelier 2
Rustic chandeliers made from peeled mountain laurel branches. All heavy gauge wires are safely concealed inside of the branches and covered over with color matched silicone adhesive caulking. Self leveling brass fixtures are used to make sure each light bulb is level. This piece can also be stained to match your decor.

PRICE:$2,400.00 (Shipping charges not included.)

Height: 48 in
Width: 36 in
Material: Mountain laurel. brass, ceramic
color: natural


These are detailed images showing our process when making a rustic chandelier. Some of these pieces are in private residences throughout the country. The first photo below is from Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara, CA.

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